Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week 19, Day 132 - "Listening"

Written by Joe Janes
132 of 365

Marion, 40s
Edmund, 40s

(Lights up on Marion standing in her backyard. She stands ready with her eyes closed and her head cocked to the side. Edmund enters carrying a cup of coffee. He stands in the doorway, puzzled by her behavior.)



(Edmund walks over to her and decides to try doing what she’s doing. He emulates her pose. After a moment he takes a small sip of his coffee.)

Edmund, stop making so much noise.

What the hell are you doing, Marion? I’m about to call the funny farm.

I’m listening.


Yes. Listening. It started while I was just sitting here reading. I paused for a moment and noticed how quiet it is in our backyard. Then I heard a fly, Then our neighbor watering his garden, then a car down the street and then I started listening to an airplane. I seeing how long I could hear it as it trailed off. Then, it was gone, and you know what I heard?

Oh, God. That’s when I belched really loud. I forget sometimes that I’m not alone and the windows are open.

After your belch, I stood here motionless. And I could hear my own heart beat. How about that? I was listening to my own heart. Listening to the rhythm of my own body. It was like my body has its own internal music. Then you spoiled it all with your coffee racket.

Sorry, Marion. That’s sounds really beautiful. Would you mind if I tried it with you? Maybe we’ll be able to hear each other’s hearts.

MARION (She puts her hand on his cheek)
Sure. Let’s give it a shot.

(They both return to their prone listening positions. After a moment, they let small, quiet smiles emerge on their faces.)

MARION (soft)
Do you hear it, Edmund?

EDMUND (soft)
I do.

It’s like our hearts are syncopated.

I can hear other stuff, too. I can hear my blood rushing.

I can hear my lungs.

I can hear my tummy gurgling.

Mine, too. It’s like out bodies are one big beautiful orchestra.

(Edmund rips loose with a very loud abusive fart. Marion, disgusted, turns and leaves.)

What? I don’t get a solo?

(He makes a face as if he’s farting again. Blackout.)

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Chris Othic said...

Best set up for a fart joke ever. Nicely done. Blackout and cue up "The Sound of Silence."