Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week 31, Day 216 -“A Member of the Church of God”

“A Member of the Church of God”

Written by Joe Janes


216 of 365


Yvonne, 40s

Larry, 40s

Mikey, 6

(Lights up on Yvonne and Larry sitting in their living room. On the floor, Mikey draws on a piece of paper.)


I don’t see why God can’t be a woman.


God created ”man” in “his” image.


Just because they don’t have gender-neutral pronouns in the Bible, doesn’t mean God is not a woman. Or, for that matter, gender-neutral. Why does God have to be anything?


God is a man. Jesus was a man. Our minister is a man. God is a man.


Whatever. (She sighs.) What are you drawing there, Mikey?

MIKEY (showing his parents)

It’s a picture of God… and that’s his penis.

(Yvonne glares at Larry. Larry grabs the drawing and crumples it up embarrassed. Mikey has no idea what just happened. Blackout.)

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