Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Believe...

...that if you "save" your spot on the street after shoveling out your car, you are a douchebag. Parking on the street is free for everyone. You have no legal right to block a parking space with your crappy folding chair. Digging out your car is just part of the deal. You don't get special entitlement because you did some work.

...that if you have 10-15 million dollars to spend on Super Bowl advertising, you might want to make sure the message in your thirty-second spot isn't "Hey, we're assholes."

...that a key component to collaboration is COMMUNICATION.

...that, apparently, "liberal media" means journalists who use facts to back up their opinions.

...that I will miss Joyce Sloan and her cranberry-orange relish in a mason jar.


Nat Topping said...

I would argue that those who do NOT dig out their car are the douchebags.

I used to agree with you on the chair thing, but that was before I spent an hour and a half of my life in the freezing cold digging out my spot only to watch some other douchebag ram his car into the snow until he had made a hold in the snow walls and then drive off, leaving a gigantic mess of unparkable rubble. If everyone dug out their spot, it wouldn't even be a problem; the street would just be mostly clean.

I still don't try to save my spot - I don't happen to own a bale of hay - but I understand it now.

Also, parking on the street is not free. I have to pay for a neighborhood parking pass every June. Small point, but still. I think I'm just grumpy.


Dianna said...

I hate dibs, but I also hate people who don't shovel efficiently. I'm with you Nat, people that just plow their car through and think that's enough? HATE.THEM.

I honetly think they should have people remove cars from one side of the street, (like street cleaning) ansd then plow it away and then do the same for the otehr side of the street the next week.

Dibs drives me bonkers.