Saturday, June 25, 2011

50 Plays - June 25, 2011 10:30pm

The final five. No cylons were harmed during this prouction.

Saturday, June 25 10:30pm

Hogan's Real Piesca – director: Megan A. Smith – cast: Bekki Anderson, Kurt Lewis, Dustin Levell, Bruce Phillips. Special Thanks to Joe for letting us play, Chris LaPorte,

Derek Is An Asshole – director: Jeff Bouthiette – cast: Allen Doederlein and Maria Margaglione

Violent Femmes – director: Letitia Guillard – cast: Shannon Bracken, Emily Harpe, Maria Burnham, Christine Harrison. Fight design - Dustin Spence

Butterfly Jar – director: Sydney Chatman – cast: Victoria Caciopoli (a member of Actor's Equity), Antoine Pierre Whitfield

Steampunk Moonstomp – director: Rebecca Langguth – cast: Kim Boler, John Sundholm, Audery Naomi Smith

The Directors

Megan A. Smith is the Executive Director and Ensemble Member for Sideshow Theatre Company, where she co-directed Theories of the Sun by Kathleen Akerley, Ekphrasis by Warren Perry, and a staged reading of Lanterns on Lamar also by Warren Perry and Fugitive Motel by Walt McGough ( Bailiwick Director’s Festival). Megan also proudly wrestles as The Cutting Edge for the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers, with an upcoming match on July 2nd!

Jeffrey Bouthiette is Artistic Director of Bare Boned Theatre and Head of the Music Program at the Second City Training Center. For BBT, he has directed The Hecubae (at the Raven Theatre) as well as many episodes of the live action soap opera, The Ville. He assisted on Victory Gardens' production of Love Person, and directed Sketchtopia, VG’s 2009 Access Project readings. He also directs the Second City Training Center's short-form musical improv ensemble, Infinite Sundaes.

Letitia Guillaud is a writer, director, actor, and improvisor living and working in Chicago. She is a co-founding member of Strangeloop Theatre and artistic associate of Chemically Imbalanced Comedy.

Sydney Chatman is a director, producer, writer, teacher and founder of The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit (The TCC) a theater conservatory on the south side of Chicago. Ms. Chatman was a fellow of the Lincoln Center’s Director’s Lab in New York. Notable directing credits include the Chicago One Minute Play Festival at Victory Gardens, WBEZ Off-Air Series Theater Abridged, The Actor’s Rap by J. Kyle Manzay (reading), Safia Bernard’s Relationship Games, Let the Circle be Unbroken at Apple Tree Theater, Heads by EM Lewis, Poof!, Sugar Mouth Sam Don’t Dance No More, For Colored Girls, Beulah’s Land, and The Mojo and the Sayso. She has worked on The World Premiere of August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean (intern), St. James Infirmary directed by Harry Lennix, King of Coons directed by Harry Lennix, A Soldier’s Play directed by Chuck Smith and Spunk directed by Cheryl Lynn Bruce among other notable productions. She is a former artistic associate with Congo Square Theatre. Ms. Chatman is the performing arts instructor at NKO Charter School.

Rebecca Langguth is a member of WNEP Theater. She is a writer, director and performer who is continually inspired by both this city and the people who inhabit it. Many thanks to Joe, Don and Jessica and my lovely cast.

Why see this show?

Because it's the last frakin' show of the bunch! This is a fun block. It has two sci-fi pieces. Hogan's Real Piesca is very intricate and I had to keep going back to the script to make sure the logic about marrying halograms was consistent. Steampunk Moonstomp is a just plain fun space adventure. Violent Femmes is an all-female super hero adventure. Derek Is An Asshole and Butterfly Jar focus on two people telling the story of their relationship, but both in very different styles. It's a good mix of the ridiculous and the sweet and sore spots about relationships. A nice way to end the run.

For tickets and more information, click HERE.

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