Thursday, December 20, 2007

They Were Hoping We Wouldn't Notice

You probably heard about the energy bill passed yesterday that will hold the automobile industry accountable to increasing gas mileage and reducing emissions (by the way, these have been passed before, only to be rescinded as the deadline comes closer and the auto industry claims it can't be done.) Because of the hoopla over this bill from both the congress and the White House, you might have missed this...

Handed control of Congress last year after making promises to end the war in Iraq, restore fiscal discipline in Washington and check President Bush's powers, Democrats instead closed the first session of the 110th Congress yesterday with House votes that sent Bush $70 billion in war funding...

You can read the full article from the Washington Post by clicking HERE.

What is up with this pussy-whipped congress, you might ask? It's simple. We've all seen it before. We have either experienced it directly, have known family or friends who have been through it, or we have seen a Lifetime original movie about it. George W. Bush is an addict. Has been. Always will be. He is currently addicted to power and greed. Congress is an enabler.

According to, which uses alcoholism as an example, this is an enabler...

Many times when family and friends try to "help" alcoholics, they are actually making it easier for them to continue in the progression of the disease.

This baffling phenomenon is called enabling, which takes many forms, all of which have the same effect -- allowing the alcoholic to avoid the consequences of his actions. This in turn allows the alcoholic to continue merrily along his (or her) drinking ways, secure in the knowledge that no matter how much he screws up, somebody will always be there to rescue him from his mistakes.

Simply, enabling creates a atmosphere in which the alcoholic can comfortably continue his unacceptable behavior.

Here is a quiz, also from, that I suggest we send to every member of congress. I have substituted the word "alcoholic" with "addict."

Are you an enabler?

    1. Have you accepted part of the blame for his behavior?

    2. Have you avoided talking about his problem out of fear of his response?

    3. Have you paid bills that he was supposed to have paid himself?

    4. Have you loaned him money?

    5. Have you given him "one more chance" and then another and another?

    6. Have you threatened to leave and didn't?

    7. Have you finished a job or project that the addict failed to complete himself?

If you answered "yes" to most or all of these questions - which congress most certainly would if they tell the truth! - you have not only enabled the addict you have probably become a major contributor to the growing and continuing problem and chances are have become effected by the disease yourself.

As long as the addict has his enabling devices in place, it is easy for him to continue to deny he has a problem -- since most of his problems are being "solved" by those around him. Only when he is forced to face the consequences of his own actions, will it finally begin to sink in how deep his problem has become.

Congress - you are an enabler. It is time George W. Bush was held accountable for his actions. Tough love, baby. We need some tough love.

Robowriters Tonight

Robowriters will be meeting tonight and next week. Looks like we won't be taking any time off except during Sketchfest, when we have shows falling on those nights. So, if you have something you are working on or are looking for something to work on, stop by the Uptown Writer's Space tonight and next week. Usually, these run from 6:30pm to 8pm. At 8pm, the Robot vs Dinosaur group usually comes in, but we have moved them to another space to rehearse. Since there's no pressure to wrap up at 8pm, we'll go until we are through. No sketch left unread!


Yesterday, I asked...

"Visa is offering a new kind of gift card this holiday season that specifically goes towards what?"

42% said "Taxes"
- Ah, taxes. The gift that keeps on giving. Nope.

33% said "Funeral Expenses"
- See "taxes."

No one went for "Gambling Expenses"
- apparently, the mob has this one covered.

25% got it right with "Medical Expenses"

According to CBS, this gift card can be used for doctors' visits or deductibles, prescription co-pays, contact lenses and even elective surgery. The card is issued by Visa, so it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted for health-related services. So it might not cover your gambling debts, but if the mob busts your kneecap, you're set.

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