Friday, January 11, 2008


Robot vs Dinosaur had its first live performance in Chicago last night at Sketchfest and it went exceedingly well. Chris Othic did a bang up job directing it, we wrote a smart and funny script and the cast delivered it with a lot of energy and absurdity. Previous to RvD, most of our group had performed at Sketchfest as Teatro Bastardo for the last four years. This was far and away our best show. One of my favorite moments - and I fully and selfishly take credit for coming up with this idea - is when a scientist (Tim Huerlin) takes his daughter (Kate Lambert) back in time to the moment Lee Harvey Oswald (Geoff Crump) shot John F. Kennedy. After Oswald takes his first shot, he pulls his rifle back in the window and we hear two more shots. A puzzled Oswald just shrugs.

Now, it's time to go back to the drawing board to add at least another thirty minutes of material and start gearing toward a spring run of the show.

We were followed on the bill by Johnny's Regret who rocked hard. Their show was a bit too conventional for my taste, but man do these cats have energy to burn. They did a fencing scene that floored me.

The theater was very full, a nice surprise considering it was a Thursday and raining miserably outside.


Sometimes I get a little depressed. I read the news, I get in an argument with someone, I go into a spiritual funk and wonder what life is all about. Why are we here on this planet? Then I see something like this and it all becomes clear. We're here to have fun with robots!


Yesterday, I asked...

"Manufacturers Leggett & Platt, Inc have unveiled a new bed that does NOT feature which of the following?"

34% said "snore detector"
- Nope. It's got one.

No one answered "wireless internet" or "iPod dock" because it does, indeed, have those.

66% got it right with "espresso machine"

According to the AP, Leggett & Platt Inc. plans to sell a tricked-out place of rest it calls the Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed, mattresses included. The bed incorporates features like wireless Internet connectivity, an iPod dock, a surround sound speaker system, LCD projector, dual temperature controls and DVR capability. No espresso machine - they probably didn't think of it - but it does include a snore detector. The bed will elevate half of the bed 7 degrees if a user is snoring and then return to the original position once the snoring stops. If you snore a second time, it whacks you with a pillow. A third time and it makes you go sleep on the couch.

The bed costs anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 and looks like this...

Pretty sexy, eh? Well, yeah, if you're a nerd who always wanted to sleep inside of his cream-colored IBM computer from the '90's. What's with the Frankenstein bolt posts? Can we at least put a racing stripe on this thing?

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Old Ned said...

Why are we here? To watch re-runs of campy TV shows from the sixties, of course. (They don't get much campier than LOST IN SPACE, what with creepy Dr. Smith, a robot who's main purpose was to ineffectually roll around the set, flailing its arms yelling "Danger! Danger!" and of course the characters Professor Robinson and Major West, I believe the inspiration for the Ambiguously Gay Duo! Great special effects and tacky wardrobes, too -- what ever happened to all that velour?)

Thanks for sharing this video!