Saturday, January 12, 2008

writing advice for Ken

Ken Robertson

I’m an actor, improvisor, writer and occasional reluctant director in San Francisco.

The problem I’ve run into is that I’ve pretty much hit the wall for the level of teaching offered in out-of-town-intensives and over-the-internet classes, as well as the limit of sketch-writing instruction I can find in San Francisco. And relocation to Chicago ain’t likely anytime soon.

Perhaps just some simple illumination on how you approach your own work would help – things like:

  • What sort of practice do you do on a daily \ weekly basis to keep yourself sharp and improve your writing? (I am going back and doing the robowriter assignments on your blog)
  • What things do you aim for \ look for when you work to improve your pieces (or your writing in general)? More connection to the characters, more absurdity \ randomness to break predictability, clarifying what the piece is saying, etc)
What sorts of actions would you recommend to someone like myself (working solo or at least in an area without a group of accomplished sketch writers) who wants to improve their sketch and comedy writing?

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