Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week Four, Day Twenty-Six -"NPR, Part 2"

(This is Friday's post. It went up after midnight.)

“NPR, part 2”

Written by Joe Janes
26 of 365

Scott Simon
Cokie Roberts

(This is an audio piece. We hear slow, sad music playing in the background.)

I’m Scott Simon of NPR’s Weekend Edition - Saturday. I only work one day a week, which gives me plenty of time to roam these halls. I’m one of the lucky ones. Other NPR reporters spend their time between reports huddling together against the wall for warmth, sifting through office garbage cans for bits of stale donuts or half-eaten mints. They sleep under other people’s desks for shelter during harsh winter nights. For just a few cents a day, you can help us provide nourishing food for them to eat and safe places at night to sleep. A dollar a day will ensure that I’ll be able to wear pants in public. Your donation will sponsor an NPR reporter. In return, we’ll send you a snapshot and a note from a reporter you’ve helped. They’ll also include a personalized note, like this one…

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Malatia, My name is Cokie Roberts. Because of your contribution, I’ve been able to bath semi-regularly and keep most of the flies at bay. God bless you and your bank account, Cokie. P.S. Maybe some day you could come visit me and take me out to a nice restaurant or out to buy clothes or both. Or maybe I could just come and live with you.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. Give us enough money and we’ll stop parading our hardships in front of you and let you listen to Car Talk in peace. Please give generously to this NPR station. Give with an open heart and an open wallet. I’m Scott Simon.

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idjar said...

Let's do make sure that at least Cokie wears pants in public.

Have you noticed a reduction in NPR fund raising since it sold its soul to Cargill?

Keep it up, man.