Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week Four, Day Twenty-Three -"Looking Great"

“Looking Great”
Written by Joe Janes


23 out of 365




(Lights up on Rob stepping out of a door into an alley. He wears a business suit. He takes out a pack of cigarettes and lights up. A moment later, Jennifer, in a woman’s business outfit, steps in to the alley. )

Hey, Jennifer. Haven’t seen you in, like, ages.

Hey, Rob.

(Jennifer lights a cigarette. It seems like her first in a long time. She is really savoring it.)

JENNIFER (continuing)
It’s been a long time.

Did you lose weight? You look great.

I did. I dropped about 35 pounds.

Wow. Well, you look great. How’d you do it?

I got cancer.


(Long awkward pause.)

ROB (continuing)
Well, you look great.

(They continue smoking. Lights fade.)


idjar said...

Good one. Never had the good fortune to lose weight with my cancer, though. Just an inch.

Henri Dugas IV said...

CANCER! Just cancer. Joe Joe Joe...specific my friend! Cervical cancer is funny this year. Then it's vag and cancer! what's more uncomfortable than that!

Verification word: wisedon

Anonymous said...

It's funny. I had an idea that I think is good if you wanted to make it into a longer scene, which would be to somehow reveal that Jennifer has cancer before Rob enters the scene, so that the audience gets to see the game of "how much of an ass can Rob make of himself," rather than relying on cancer as a reveal. And perhaps Jennifer is trying to keep her condition a secret so she doesn't tell right away.
Actually, I think I just turned it into a scene that I'd like to write. Blimey!

Anonymous said...

I like it as is...an extended blackout! Yeah, I still know the lingo.


Anonymous said...


And so much room for the actors to play in.

Jeannie said...

When I hear the phrase, Looking great" for some strange reason it reminds me of Trading Places and I guess he doesn't say looking great but "looking good Billy ray", "Feeling good Lewis". Anyways, I love the irony that she is taking her first long drag on a cigarette again....There is a lot there for not saying that much.......