Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 22, day 151 - “Zombie Pizza Party”

“Zombie Pizza Party”
Written by Joe Janes
151 of 365

Zombie Brian, 20s
Zombie JC, 20s
Zombie Rammel, 20s
Zombie Kelly, 20s
Val, 20s
Zombie Alex, 20s

(In the dark we hear zombies growling. Lights up on four zombies, Brain, JC, Rammel and Kelly. They look as though they became zombies while at a frat party. They stand looking out doing some low level zombie growling. They are interrupted by a doorbell. They become quiet, but their eyes widen. The doorbell rings, again. Zombie Rammel shuffles over and opens the door. Val, the pizza delivery guy, is standing there holding a pizza.)

Hi. Somebody order a pizza on-line?

(Zombie Rammel invites him in with the wave of his rotting hand. Val walks in. The zombies gather around him looking at the pizza.)

That’s going to be $12.50.

(Zombie JC knocks the pizza to the floor.)

Hey. You’re still going to have to pay for that.

(The zombies all drag Val to the ground and devour him. The quickly reduce him to mostly bone and little meat. Zombie Alex enters carrying a six-pack of beer. He growls and the others stop and look at him. He is clearly disappointed they started without him. They look ashamed. Zombie Alex inspects the remains. Zombie Kelly offers him what’s left of a foot in a shoe. He knocks it out of her hand and walks away. Zombie Brian tries to console him by offering him his own arm to eat. Alex spurns the idea, but Brian persists. Alex tries a nibble. Tries another small nibble. He excitedly starts to chow down on Brian’s arm. All the zombies cheer. “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas plays. The zombies dance as Alex continues to nosh on Brian. Lights fade.)


snatchface said...


GarinT said...

Alright you got your ridiculous sketch out of the way, now back to serious mind-expanding comedy, like magic berets!

That came off way more "assholeish" than it should have.

Jeannie said...

Okay, zombies and aliens capture my interest..
but with the Black Eyed Peas song u could turn it into a beer commercial and they bust out the beer and start drinking and then the song comes on....Or u could do a parody on a beer commercial, otherwise a little gory for my taste(no pun intended) but I guess that is the zombie way...


Chris Othic said...

I saw a scene once where it was an entire birthday party with zombies. It was basically everything you would expect to happen at a birthday (gag gifts, blowing out the trick candle, etc.) but in zombie-slow motion. Very funny.

I wonder if this one needs a beat at the start where Zombie Brian does something to Zombie Alex that makes him leave the room.

I love zombies!