Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 22, day 153 - "Jerk Sandwich"

(This was posted after midnight Saturday)

“Jerk Sandwich”

Written by Joe Janes
153 of 365

Dunbar, 30s
Kimmie, 20s

(Lights up on Dunbar, presumably an office drone, sitting on a park bench on his lunch break. He unpacks a sandwich. It is a fine sandwich. A few moments later, Kimmie walks by. She is an attractive young woman in a sundress. She clears the bench and pauses, looking off. She sits on the other end of the bench. Dunbar has noticed her, but continues to prepare to eat his sandwich. Kimmie looks introspective and quietly upset. She gets up and looks off, again. Dunbar takes a joyful bite out of his sandwich. As she stands there, she puts the back of her hand to her mouth and begins to cry, softly. Dunbar hears this and stops mid-chew. He watches her a moment as she tries to stifle her crying. Dunbar swallows. She self-consciously regains her composure and returns to the bench. Dunbar avoids eye contact with her. He slowly returns to chewing on his sandwich. Kimmie shakes and breaks down in tears. Dunbar finishes his chewy piece of sandwich and swallows. Kimmie quiets down, again. Dunbar, sensing she’s okay, picks up the sandwich and is about to take a big bite when Kimmie sighs. This stops him. He brings his sandwich to his mouth, again, and she sighs, again. He tries this a few times and she sighs a few times. He quietly puts his sandwich down in his lap and wraps it back up in a paper napkin. He looks at Kimmie suspiciously. She gets up again and looks off. Her phone rings She picks up.)

Hello?...John…I am here…Did you think about what we talked about?...Really? You do?...Oh, John…I love you. I really love you… Oh – I see you. Over by the fountain. Throw in a penny and make a wish for me. For us. See you in sec… (She hangs up and is now beaming. She turns to Dunbar.) Have a nice day.

(She exits.)

DUNBAR (clearing his throat)
You, too!

(Dunbar returns to the business of his wonderful sandwich. He takes a bite. It just doesn’t taste any good any more. He puts it down and spits a bit of chewed sandwich into the napkin. He looks around and quietly starts crying. Lights fade.)

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