Monday, January 4, 2010

365 At Chicago Sketchfest - Thursday, January 7th, 8pm

The full cast and scenes for January 7th Sketchfest Show!

Garin Jones, Becky Eldridge, JBen Parker, Chrissy

Swinko, Chris Day, Jeremy Schaefer (LOL Theater) – “Sketch 354” – That day’s sketch!

Neil Arsenty, Tim Huerlin, Kate Lambert (members
of Cell Camp) – Sketch 109 - “Bullet Flu”

Mackenzie Yeager and Kelly Kerwin - Sketch... 18 – “Single White

Kevin Gladish – Sketch 8 - “Pushing The Envelope”

Pat Dwyer and Erin Pallesen (KerPatty) - Sketch 129 - “Langley and Pratt”

Chloe Ditzel – Sketch 55 - “Happy Ending”

Dustin Levell, Evan O’Donnel, Kurt Lewis (PIP) – Sketch 104 - “Weenus”

Becca Levine, Mary Cait Walthall, Doug Werder, Don
Loukota, Nat Topping, Chris Othic (director) (Robot vs Dinosaur) – Sketch 227 - "I Love 2 Boogie"

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Aly said...

Yay!! Mindy, Scott and I have our tickets and will be there! Can't wait to see the sketches on stage.