Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 50, Day 350 - "Blockbusted"


Written by Joe Janes


350 of 365


Blockbuster Manager. 30s

Joe, 20s

(Lights up on manager and Joe in office. The manager is looking over paper work.)


Well, Joe, we’ve processed all your information. We’re very excited that you applied to work for Blockbuster.


Just happy to have a job, Sir. When do I start?


Unfortunately, there’s a problem with your drug test.


I don’t do drugs.


That’s the problem. (Takes out a joint.) If you’re going to work crap hours at shit pay, we need people who are as stoned as possible. (Lights it and takes a toke.) Sorry. (Offers it to Joe. Joe shakes his head.)



mark krause said...

why can't i find a job like that?Of course i'd probably ask for my own joint,germs and things you know.

Aly said...

i'm always naturally paranoid people are going to fire me, so i can imagine i'd be extra paranoid if i worked at that blockbuster

Aly said...

oh, and my security word to post that comment was "jewden." Is the computer trying to tell me something?