Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 33, Day 229 - “A Fly On The Wall”

“A Fly On The Wall”

Written by Joe Janes


229 of 365


Mark, 40s

Fly, one week

Nancy, 40s

(Lights up on Mark. He is pacing quickly back and forth at a street corner. He hears the buzzing of a fly and swishes his hand around to drive it away. It works, but it comes back. He swishes his hand around again and the fly goes away. Mark stops and looks at his watch. The buzzing is heard again. This time the buzzing stops abruptly when the fly stops on his forearm. Mark is about to swat it, when…)


Hey, don’t do that!


What the hell? Did you just talk?


Yeah, man. Don’t smack me. I’m just a fly.


I’m sorry. I’m just so worked up. The last thing I need is a fly bothering me.


What’s up? Maybe I can help?


I doubt it. I think my wife is cheating on me.


Why do you think she’s cheating on you?


She just kicked me out of the house so she could have a few hours to herself. Right.


Sometimes people need that.


Sure they do, but nobody actually does it. Nobody kicks their spouse out of the house to do it. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in my own house.


I can arrange that.

(Lights suddenly shift and we hear a “poof” sound. Mark transforms into a fly and begins buzzing and fluttering his wings. Fly is now standing next to him.)


This is cool! I’m a fly like you.


Same size and everything. Let’s go spy on that ho of yours.

(Lights off on them as they fly off. Lights up on Nancy sitting and reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” She hears two flies buzzing. She walks over and closes the window and then returns to her chair and her book. The buzzing sounds stop as the flies land on the wall.)


There she is. Reading.


I was worried about nothing. She really did just want to be alone. Look at her. She’s so pretty. I can’t wait to tell her how much I love her.

(We hear buzzing as Mark flies from the wall.)


No, man, get back here. Don’t disturb her.

(The buzzing stops abruptly as Mark lands on her open book.)


Nancy, I-

(Nancy screams and slams the book shut. She slowly opens the book to look at the smushed remains. There’s a short buzz and she slams the book shut, again. It’s too gross for her. She throws the book into a trashcan and walks off.)

FLY (VO – sighs)

I try to help humans. I really should just stick to pooping on their food.


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